Equipment Permits, Spills & Cleanup

  1. s my equipment or process properly permitted?
    • City of Los Angeles 
      Bureau of Fire Prevention and Public Safety
      Engineering Unit (Division 5 Permitting)

      201 North Figueroa Street, Suite 300
      Los Angeles, California 90012
      (213) 482-6900
      Fax:  (213) 482-6922

      City of Los Angeles 
      Bureau of Fire Prevention and Public Safety
      Environmental Unit (Underground Storage Tank Plan Checks/Division 5 Permitting)

      200 North Main Street, Room 1780
      Los Angeles, California 90012
      (213) 978-3680
      Fax:  (213) 978-3615

      City of Los Angeles Division 5 Fire Permits:

      Check with the Environmental Unit, Underground Storage Tank Section, for Division 5 permitting of underground storage tanks as well as cleanup projects.  If a UST leak or spill threatens water quality, the Underground Tank Section may refer the case to LA Regional Water Quality Control Board at (213) 576-6600.

      With the exception of underground tanks, check with the City Fire Dept Engineering Unit for other Division 5 permitting for processing equipment and operations.  Examples of Division 5 processing equipment and operations permitted by the Engineering Unit are:

      • Aboveground Tanks
      • Gas Manifolds
      • Burn Hazardous Refuse
      • Industrial Ovens
      • Dip Tanks
      • Pressurized Vessels
      • Dry Cleaning Equipment
      • Special Vessels
      • Drying Ovens
      • Spray Booth or Tunnel
      • Flow Coat Machine
      • Transfer of Flammable Gas or Liquids
      • Gas Holder
      • Etc.

      The Industrial/Commercial Unit provides field verification/inspections for most Division 5 permit installations, equipment, and/or removals.  The underground tank section provides field verification and inspections for underground tank permitting, leaks, and cleanup.  Contact telephone numbers are listed below:

      • Underground Storage Tank Plan Checks/Permitting - (213) 978-3680

      • L.A. City Fire Dept. Industrial/Commercial Section:
            Brush Clearance Unit - (818) 374-1111
            Central Industrial Unit - (213) 978-3630
            Harbor Industrial Unit - (310) 732-4580
            High-Rise Unit - (213) 978-3600
            Valley Industrial Unit - (818) 374-1110
            West Industrial Unit - (213) 485-6072

      • Also consult with Building & Safety Dept. (888) LA4-BUILD for their requirements related to the regulated equipment and operations.


      South Coast Air Quality Management District
      21865 Copley Drive
      Diamond Bar, California 91765
         Small Business  (800) 388-2121
         Permit Assistance (909) 396-3385

      SCAQMD Brach Office
      1500 West Carson Street, Suite 115
      Long Beach, California 90810
      (310) 233-7000

      Air Quality Permits:

      If equipment or process emits significant amounts of standard pollutants or hazardous air emissions, contact the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) for proper permitting, limits, and reporting.  Free assistance is offered to small businesses.  Also, business assistance is offered through CalGOLD.  For technical permitting expertise, a list of certified permit assistance consultants can be obtained from the SCAQMD.


      Other Permits:

      Please refer to Questions 4 & 5 for basic water quality permitting information and Questions 6, 7 & 8 for basic hazardous generator permitting information.

  1. Have I properly reported any spills or leaks?
    • Emergency Release Reports:
      Call 911 (Los Angeles Police Department) or
      State Office of Emergency Services (OES) (800) 852-7550

      Non-Emergency Release Reports:
      For illegally abandoned hazardous waste call
      City Stormwater Management hotline (800) 974-9794.
      If no response, call L.A. County Fire Dept., Health Haz-Mat Section (323) 890-4045

  1. Does an equipment leak or material spill pose a threat to public health or the environment (e.g., water, soil, or air contamination) and require cleanup?
    • Lower Risk Sites: For UST cleanups call City Fire Dept., Env. Unit (213) 482-6900 or for other cleanups call County Fire, Health Haz. Mat., Site Mitigation Unit (323) 890-4045 or (323) 890-4106

      Water Pollution Risk Sites:  L. A. Regional Water Quality Control Board (213) 576-6600 and ask for UST Unit or Spills, Leaks, Industrial Cleanup (SLIC) Unit

      Higher Risk Sites: California Dept. Toxic Substance Control (818) 551-2800 (Glendale Regional Office) or (714) 484-5300 (Cypress Regional Office)

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